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Leadership Development Program

MDCC’s Core Business is designing and implementing organizational leadership development programs (OLDP). The main purpose of OLDP is to guide your organization how can improve the leadership effectiveness, and increase the leadership competence.

MDCC is joint venture with AQR and other partners to conduct the following tests as a part of leadership assessment:

  • Mental Toughness Questionnaire (MTQ48)
  • Integrated Leadership Style Measure (ILM72)
  • Prevue (leading skills) Assessment
  • 360 Performance Assessment
  • Employee Opinion Survey of Leadership
  • Strategy Formulation and Execution Assessment
  • Corporate Governance Assessment

MDCC will provide your organization by OLDP framework for different levels of leadership conceptualization (e.g. group level and corporate level). Based on the results of leadership assessment as well as focus group meetings, MDCC will design OLDP framework including following:

  • AQR Reports
  • Competence-Effectiveness Scoring Matrix
  • Analysis of existing leadership style
  • Identification of Leadership Effectiveness gaps
  • Identification of Leadership Competence gaps
  • Proposals of Leadership Training Programs
  • Proposals of Leadership Empowerment solutions